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Bandit Style Lamb
Quick, easy meal for two using leftover lamb!!
  • Brown Eggs and Lamb
  • Brown Eggs and Lamb
  • Brown Eggs and Lamb
  • Brown Eggs and Lamb
  • Brown Eggs and Lamb

Where does YOUR food come from?

Brown Eggs and Lamb is a locally owned and operated food retailer located just South of beautiful Gull Lake in Central Alberta.


We're easy to find.

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At Brown Eggs & Lamb we started raising chickens when our kids were young to give them an opportunity to be responsible for something and to learn about business and money in a fun way. Over the years the interest and demand for eggs was surprising and we wanted to oblige our customers so we continued to expand to where we are today. We now have 300 chickens and if we run out of our own eggs we sell Bentley Colony eggs.

When we started raising sheep we started with six of them, one for each member of our family. Over the years people would stop in and ask if we sold lamb, so out of this demand we started raising more lamb.

Over the years Cal has worked in construction as well as farming and now has a plumbing business,  which has aided in making things streamlined and efficient. Laura has a background in theatre and music, worked as a real estate agent and taught at a business college.


Box 5386
Lacombe, Alberta T4L 1X1

Ph. 403 782 4095